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Ask Mr. Toner!

Problems with your toner? Questions? Deep rooted concerns? Click here to send in your question. Below, see some previous queries, and answers! Also below, see technical instructions.

Dear Mr. Toner,
Do you have bulk toner for the Lexmark C 780?

---Jennifer Story, Temecula, CA    

Mr. Toner's Answer...
We do -- we carry that toner in 10 kilogram bags for all four colors.  Actually, nearly all of our toners are available in bulk 10 kilogram bags, and you can save as much as 40% in some cases if you purchase them instead of the bottles.  Popular lately are our bags for the Okidata 9600 and Brother TN 210.

Dear Mr. Toner,
I see you supply Epson Aculaser 1100 toner.  Do those need a chip?

---Chuck Masterson, Clearwater, FL    

Mr. Toner's Answer...
All four cartridges require a smartchip, unfortunately.  However, the toner is not too expensive and each bottle only carries 120 grams, and the cartridge is easy to recycle.


                                                      TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONS

                                                         Remanufacturing the HP 1200 Cartridge

                                                         Remanufacturing the HP 4100 Cartridge

                                                         Using the HP 4200/4300 Mag Press

                                                         Using the HP 4200/4300 Splitting Fixture

                                                         Using the HP 8100/WX Mag Press

                                                         Installing the HP 9000 SmartChip

                                                         Remanufacturing the Okidata C 5100 Cartridge

                                                         Remanufacturing the Okidata C 7000 Cartridge

                                                         Remanufacturing the Okidata C 9000 Cartridge

                                                         Remanufacturing the QMS 2200 Cartridge

                                                         Resetting the QMS 2300 Cartridge

                                                         Remanufacturing the QMS 6100 Cartridge

                                                         Remanufacturing the Tektronix 780 Cartridge

                                                         Remanufacturing the Xerox Phaser 7700 Cartridge