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Bulk Toner

It's Time to Bulk Up, my friends!  Terrific toner  

savings are available if you purchase 10 kg and

most toners are now available.  Look for our

10 kg monochrome bags:  HP 8000,  HP P 1006,

Brother TN 350 and Samsung Universal.  New

bulk colors are HP CP 1215 & Xerox 560.



OPC Drums

Faroudja Has Released several new color drums.

Lexmark C 780 OPCs are available and in stock,

and we also carry Xerox DC 240 drums.  For HP,

we now supply the HP 4700 (right), as well as the

HP CP 1025, HP CP 5225, and HP CP 6016.

Also stocked and working are Brother TN 110s.


Recycling Tools

Faroudja Sells a range of recycling tools, and

popular lately is our mag cleaning solution (right).

Don't throw away a used mag when you can recycle.

with our solution!  It is a universal mag cleaning

that can be applied to any roller.  One can works

for 300.



Ask Mr. Toner


    "Anything new with chips?  I need some new

Xerox but can't find 'em."

   John Robie, La Jolla, Ca ~



"Dan, thanks for your telegram.  We have very good

 Xerox DC 240 chips that we're shipping (for toner

and drum), and introduced Primera CX 1200 &

Xerox 7500 smartchips in the last few months. 

Under development are Lexmark C 540."




                John Robie





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