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Color Toner

Faroudja Now Stocks toner for the Lexmark C 780!

As always, you'll get the best savings in bulk 10 kg

bags, but it's available in bottles.  We also supply

C 780 chips and drum (rare).  Other colors recently

introduced include toners for the Lexmark C 540,

Samsung CLP 620,  Xerox 700 Digital Color Press,

and Xerox 7500.



Recharging Cartridges can get messy with toner  

particles hanging  in the air and landing all over your

workplace.  Faroudja's DUST COLLECTOR

removes all floating toner and puts it in the machine's

filters.  The dust collector is inexpensive and easy

to set up:  just plug it in and turn on the power.



Faroudja Leads in chip development!   We were

first-to-market with Xerox 7500 smartchips and

sell both low and high-yield.  Other new chips are

Lexmark C 770, Lexmark C 780, Samsung

CLP 600, and HP CP 2025.  Specialty chips

we've added include Xerox Workcentre 5230,

Lexmark W840,and Lexmark C 935 (toner & drum).



Ask Mr. Toner


    "I'm new to this whole recharging business.  I  

keep getting toner on my sweater -- any ideas?"

   Judy Barton, San Francisco, CA ~



"Judy, thanks for stopping by our office in San 

Carlos. We would recommend toner grabbers,

which are cloths specially designed to remove toner.

Orange and statically charged, they come in packs

of 40 and 400."




                Judy Barton





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