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What's All the Furious Discussion at the beach

about on the right?  Seems Jimmy just got his

new bottle of toner from FAROUDJA!  It's Xerox

700 Digital Color Press Cyan and works really well.

Additionally stocked:  Xerox 3535.



Look What the Tide Washed Up!  It's more color  

toner, this time for Xerox Phaser 7500.  Offered

in 10 kilogram bags for all colors, you can save 40%

when you buy it in bulk.  Also in bags are our terrific

glossy Okidata 9600 and HP CP 2025.






Keep Your Shop clean with the help of our toner

vacuums.  We have 2 : one small and portable

(right), the other has a 5 gallon capacity.  Also look

for tools like our portable dust collector, which sucks

up toner soot, and our toner grabber cloths and

lint-free cleaning wipers (popular). 




    "Do you supply Lexmark C 780 toner?  Getting

components for those engines is tougher than

winter waves in Maui!"

   Jenny Walsh, Manhattan Beach, CA ~



"Jenny, we do have the toner in bags for the Lexmark

C 780, and drum & smartchips.  Under development

is the Lexmark C 540 (toner is ready but not chips)."





               Jenny Walsh





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