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Bulk Toner

If We Carry A Toner in bottles we probably have   

the same in bulk 10 KG bags, giving savings of

30% or more.  Introduced lately are bags for Xerox

7500, Primera CX 1200,  and Lexmark C 780.

Continually popular are our Xerox 7750, HP CP

1215 and Samsung CLP 300 bulk.


OPC Drums

Faroudja Has Released several new color drums.

We now stock Lexmark C 540, Lexmark C 780,

Brother TN 115, and Xerox DC 240 OPCs.  Also

supplied are new color HPs:  drums for HP CP

CP 1025, HP CP 5225, and HP CP 6016.

Under development are Brother TN 210.



Faroudja Sells a range of recycling tools, and

popular lately is our conductive grease (right).

OEM cartridges have the grease on PCR ends

when new, but it wears out after 1 cycle.  By

replacing the grease, drum charges improve.  We

additionally provide PCR cleaning & coating creams.



Ask Mr. Toner


    "Anything new with chips?  I need some new

Lexmark but can't find 'em."

   Daniel Cooper, Portland, OR ~



"Dan, thanks for your letter.  Our Lexmark C 540

chips are working and we will start rolling them out

in 2-3 weeks.   We have very good Xerox DC 240

chips that we're shipping (all colors), and introduced

Primera CX 1200 chips last month."




               Dan Cooper





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