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Portable Dust Collector
Product # 6843
Weight: 62 lbs
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This compact air cleaning machine puts dust control where you need it. Place it close to cartridge tear-down, dumping, splitting, and filling operations. It removes toner from the air before it spreads all over your shop.

The powerful 950 cubic feet per minute (ACTUAL measured airflow) variable speed blower processes 3 to 4 times as much air as other units claiming '1000cfm'. The blower can run continuously, and is designed to be set on low speed as a general air-cleaning device. The low speed setting reduces noise, wear & energy consumption.

The unique filtration system is extremely economical and very effective on toner particles. The pre-filter is permanent and will stop 99% of all toner particles. The main filter is a high efficiency mini-pleat which will then trap 99% of all particles that escape the pre-filter. There are three foam gaskets and a clamping flange with 10 bolts to insure that all air flows through the filters and none flows around them.

The Collector sets up quickly and no assembly is required! It plugs into any 120 volt outlet. The unique design exhausts air out of the top, and allows wires to pass behind it, so you can push it right up to the wall. The optional pivoting mounting bracket allows you to hang the unit from a wall or ceiling. A remote control switch is available too.


Variable Speed Blower 120volt, 60hz, 9amps
Euoropean Version 220volt, 50hz, 4.5amps
Prefilter 16"X20"X2"reticulated foam
Main Filter 16"X29"X4"mini-pleat
A-Scale Sound Level Reading 59dB
Overall Dimensions 17"hX21"wX22"d
Net Weight 62 lbs.
Shipping Weight 65 lbs.
Shipping Carton 24"X22"X19"


Mounting Bracket
Remote Control

Replacement Filters:
Pre-filter, permanent reticulated foam
Main Filter, high efficiency mini-pleat 


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